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Cost of Exhaustible Resources   Constanta Iacob and Raluca Mihaela Dracea

Cost of Exhaustible Resources

204 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Building on the foundations of economic calculation efficiency on limited resources, the dominant trends in contemporary economic thinking, the place and importance of the issues of economic growth under limited resources manifestation contradiction - unlimited guests, book EXHAUSTIBLE COST OF RESOURCES (with applications of lignite extraction ) aims to create a new vision of resources (a new economic behavior of man in relation to nature and their aspirations, which lead him to also teach him to organize a production process in order to ensure acceptable trebuientele, but a cyclical ecological system able to reproduce the material form). In this view, economic calculation efficiency and its use in decision-making is designed, and is costing the middle you have to constantly adapt and that the goal should be subordinate to an information system appropriate sense in which the author demonstrates the possibility concept combining multiple costing methods are administered efficiently in...
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