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Impact Assessment of Agri - Industry Pollution in Andhra Pradesh   M. Kumar Raju

Impact Assessment of Agri - Industry Pollution in Andhra Pradesh

120 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Agri-industry is considered as an extended arm of agriculture. The development of the agro-industry can help stabilize and make agriculture more lucrative and create more income and employment opportunities both in the production and marketing stages. The broad based development of the agro-product industry will improve both social and physical infrastructure of India. Since it would cause diversification and commercialization of agriculture, it will thus enhance the incomes of farmers and create food surpluses. The agri-industry mainly comprises of the post-harvest activities of processing and preserving agricultural products for intermediate or final consumption. It is a well recognized fact across the world, particularly in the context of industrial development that the importance of agri- industries is relative to agriculture increases as economies develop.The word ‘Pollution’ originally Latin world “Pollution” means to make dirty. Environment Pollution is a serious problem of the...
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