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Buyer-Supplier Relationship in Manufacturing Companies of India   Rakesh Raut

Buyer-Supplier Relationship in Manufacturing Companies of India

60 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Most of the manufacturing ?rm’s today are operating in increasingly uncongenial business environments that are characterized by rapid technological change, complexity of the products, shortened product life cycles, turbulent market dynamism, heterogeneous of demand and intensifying global competition. As competition intensifies, organizations are required to provide superior quality products, at low costs, with on-time and reliable delivery performance. Organizations are looking at ways to achieve these requirements by adopting various intra and inter-organizational practices. Researchers focus on the strategic partnership with suppliers in innovation of ?rm’s, and suggest that strategic partnership with suppliers enables ?rm’s to reduce the risks, short cycle time of new product development, and technology & complexity of product while enhancing ?exibility, product quality and market adaptability. Authors have noted that supplier management is an important tool for increasing...
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