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Analysis of Telangana as a separate state   Denduluri Arun

Analysis of Telangana as a separate state

60 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
India is the seventh largest country of the world having many large and small states. As it is a developing country concentration and distribution of resources face many limitations. Large states have shown a tendency to demand partition among regions so that over all development can take place. Andhra Pradesh is one such large state and the demand for Telangana has been one of the major issues in the recent times. With 10 districts in its bag including the major IT hub Hyderabad, Telangana constitutes about 40.54% of Andhra’s population. This manuscript will focus on the analysis the economic strength of the region in terms of the agriculture and the industrial sector and Throw a light on the condition of Telangana as a separate state with or without Hyderabad
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