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Entrepreneurship Development in Bangladesh   Bashir Ahmed Bhuiyan

Entrepreneurship Development in Bangladesh

276 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Both developed and developing countries are emphasizing on industrialization and employment generation where entrepreneurship development plays a vital role. Towards this end World Bank and other development agencies are functioning for the development of infrastructure and support environment. Academic institutions at different levels are also designing curriculum and providing training for facilitating this objective. Integrated support package comprising informal networking among different actors along with financial and non-financial supports make key contributions in entrepreneurship development. The findings of the study uncovers that enterprises having access to credit with one or more support services turned out to be most effective approach for entrepreneurship development in Bangladesh. This book applied both quantitative and qualitative techniques and sheds light on how integrated support strategies can be designed and implemented effectively. Thus, it provides an insight...
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