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Power of Social Responsibility in Business   Machira Mwangi

Power of Social Responsibility in Business

60 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Social responsibility and good neighbourliness or enriching communities is the key to business expansion strategy. Many business organization have realized the hard way about this secret . The social welfare of the community within your operation area is as important as the product you are dealing with. Social responsibility encompasses various fields from e.g supporting academic excellence initiatives (including orphans and vulnerable children at every level of education ) and also offering scholarship and leadership development training , providing health care, environmental sustainability, encouraging innovation , creativity and research , providing an improving infrastructure , sponsoring sports . Providing entrepreneurship knowledge and financial literacy training. This can also involve indulging in improving agricultural techniques to enhance productivity . The book is a must read for both the managers in business as well as those in charge of public sector for...
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