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Factors affecting procurement performance in county governments   Enock Musau and Gregory Namsonge

Factors affecting procurement performance in county governments

76 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book has been thoroughly revised and updated.Exemplary effort has been made to facilitate the importance of the manuscript. The book comprises introductory explanations of quantitative methods enjoying wide use in social sciences.It covers a wide range of related research methodology.the presentations are uniformly cogent.The illustrations from the research are meaningful and relevant to the statement of the problem.This makes the book the most organized manuscript that can guide the procurement practitioners whose procurement background is not extensively developed. This book is primarily intended to serve as textbook for students of procurement in all levels.It will serve all practitioners doing procurement for equitable service delivery in organizations.The author retains the past theory and practice and introducing the ideas tools, and practices of maintaining procurement performance in various firms.It further illustrates what the sourcing officers in counties need...
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