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Comparative Analysis of Value of Education in Egypt   Walid M. Eldomy

Comparative Analysis of Value of Education in Egypt

64 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
My father told me that “nothing can be more valuable to earn than education”. Although the challenges faced during the preparation of this study seemed at one point immense, however, my supervisor and mentor, Dr. Muhammad Rashid, has been a great supporter and provided me with the vision, knowledge, and guidance to successfully complete this study. The study aims at (1) to investigate the value of university education relative to high school education, and (2) to compare the value of a university degree from a private university relative to a university degree from a public university. Despite the paucity of data and other limitations which restrict generalization of the results of the study, this report has proposed a framework to comparatively analyze the value of education. Given time and adequate funding, a comprehensive study, based on the previously proposed framework, can be undertaken in the future.
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