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Place of the Healthcare System in Transition to a Sustainable Economy   Sofija Adzic and Jasminka Adzic

Place of the Healthcare System in Transition to a Sustainable Economy

76 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
...The authors argued that the only chance for overcoming the crisis of the healthcare system in Serbia lies in abandonment of concept in which the main focus of public action is finding new sources of funding. The solution they propose is total re-engineering. The basic idea is that the change and reforms of the great resources available to the public healthcare system should be towards prevention and health preservation capabilities with the development of an appropriate system for living and working, while the more sophisticated treatment and expensive technology should be left to the private sector on the basis of mix of public and private participation. Implementation of this concept, within the framework imposed by very limited financial resources and highly complex medical situations, authors see in a new definition of paradigm "justice"... prof. dr Stevan Devetakovic, retired full professor at Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, Serbia
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