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Stolen Childhood   Srinivasa Rao Choppara

Stolen Childhood

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Child labour is the most pernicious problem which has been discussed by everyone with social consciousness. Many polities and Schemes were implemented by the governments for the eradication of child Labour. But all these exercised provide futile as the problem remained the same and took dangerous proportions. Hence the attempt is made to probe into the root cause for this problem. Poverty is one of the reasons for the Cancerous growth of this obnoxious problem. the problem can be viewed from different perspectives like a Child's Caste, Colour, Creed, Gender , Region. One can't just brush it aside as a problem to be tackled by the Labour department. One can't wipe it out by simple legislation. In an agricultural country like India where land plays a vital role for Economics security and the livelihood of people, the only solution for the problem seems to be distribution land among the poor along with the eradication of the Caste system and education should instill confidence among the...
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