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Industrialisation In Haryana   Babli Dhiman

Industrialisation In Haryana

336 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In underdeveloped and developing countries, the problem is not only of financing the business units but also of promoting successful enterprises with adequate technical know-how. The industrial finance and development corporations not only help in the promotion and financing of business enterprises but they also invigorate the industrial base. Since 1960, many of the states have taken steps to establish state owned Industrial Development Corporation in order to accelerate the pace of industrial development in their respective areas. The name of Haryana instantly conjures up an image of a state which astonishingly combines both-antiquity and plenty. Haryana emerged as a separate state in the fedral galaxy of Indian Republic on November 1, 1966. With just 1.37 percent of the total geographical area and less than 2 percent of Indian population, Haryana has carved a place of distinction for itself during the past four decades. Whether it is agriculture, industry and rural...
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