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Towards Improved Electronic Strategy   Salma Alderazi

Towards Improved Electronic Strategy

264 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The tech-revolution has made governments tend to shift to e-channels to provide services. The tech-acceleration requests high potentials in the process of transformation. Still there are obstacles that must be redressed. It is important to ascertain the causes and the real motives behind the trend to use these services by the private sector. Due to the considerable resources allocated by different countries including Bahrain for e-initiatives, it becomes necessary to track the strategies that adopt such systems, due to the large size of their effects. The author envisages through her work to study the factors that drive the use of e-services by the private sector due to the importance of this sector to the national economy. Failure to understand these reasons may delay the benefits envisaged and waste a lot of national resources. The businesses might miss opportunities of receiving faster government services. The gap in provision of services attributes to many settings related to...
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