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Stabilization of T-S fuzzy systems with application on a greenhouse   Meriem Nachidi

Stabilization of T-S fuzzy systems with application on a greenhouse

160 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Fuzzy Control techniques have become widespread over the last few decades in the scientific community, supported by a large number of practical applications. In particular, several studies concern the control of nonlinear systems using the Takagi–Sugeno models by using the concept of Parallel Distributed Compensation to design fuzzy regulators. Thus, this book concentrates on developing systematic procedures to design controllers for nonlinear systems which ensure closed-loop control specifications (mainly stability), with a view to their application to real systems. In the proposed procedures, the core is an LMI-based design approach. Thus, all stability analysis and controller design problems are conducted in such a way that they can be reduced to convex optimization problems, represented under Linear Matrix Inequality form.
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