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Poverty And Infrastructural Development In The Niger/delta Of Nigeria   Johnpaul Oguntubi

Poverty And Infrastructural Development In The Niger/delta Of Nigeria

100 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This study aims to identify problem that hamper development in the Niger Delta and Nigeria as a whole, It identified corruption as one of the major factor hampering development.Identifying Nigeria as one of the largest producers of crude oil, standing shoulder to shoulder to any Arab nation in the trade and in terms of wealth. Poverty is a looming crisis in the nation that seems never ending as several administrations both military and democratic havinng adopted several solutions and schemes that have yielded no effect to the common Nigerian on the streets with further lack of infrastructure and the impoverished in the Niger delta, where this enormous wealth is generated. This book identified keys indicators used by agencies such as the UN, IMF and World Bank; economic indicators, growth rate, productivity and poverty line of a country. A research conducted in Port-Harcourt,Rivers state in its suburbs for security reasons in line with key indicators to examine the cause of poverty in...
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