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Behaviour in insurance coverage   Nicoletta Marinelli,Gianni Brighetti and Caterina Lucarelli

Behaviour in insurance coverage

96 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The international insurance industry is very large and involves trillions of euros in transactions each year. However, the evidence that many people participate in this market should not convey the idea that this participation is always efficient and based on conscious behaviour. Emerging neuroeconomic evidence suggests that insurance decisions are often reflexive, and thus impacted simultaneously by logical and emotional processes. Sometimes, people buy insurance coverage as holding a policy can also bring emotional gains. This book, therefore, tries to shed some light on what drives insurance demand. The analysis examines insurance decisions through the lenses of both theoretical and empirical studies; it also proposes some novel evidence on real-life insurance purchasing taking a variety of personality and psycho-physiological traits into consideration. This book should be of interest for insurers, who should strive to learn all they can about factors that motivate customers to...
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