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Post Implementation of ERP   Irtaza ur Rehman Qazi

Post Implementation of ERP

80 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is important software of choice in the manufacturing sector especially the automobile sector. The industry requires an enormous number of suppliers based on it specialist requirements. The effectiveness of a supply network is therefore dependent on the IT available and the coordination of the supply chain network. The ultimate goal is to provide perfect visibility across the network affording customer and suppliers the opportunity to see across the channel.The focus for the research is to investigate how supplier-buyer relationship is enhanced and understand the role which the ERP system performs in improving the network operations.This study will adopt a secondary qualitative analysis provide an insight into the links between ERP systems, supplier-buyer relationship and supply chain performance. Particular attention will be paid to the performance of suppliers as it affect the visibility of the network. It will also assess the dichotomy of...
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