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Heavenly Soles   Avenishe Koole

Heavenly Soles

116 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Feminine and highly fashionable footwear in the Netherlands is the subject of this book. For a while now, I have found that certain styles in this category of footwear are missing in the medium price segment in the Netherlands. When traveling to other countries like the UK, the USA and Spain it has proven to be far easier to find this type of footwear at prices in the medium segment. I was curious if other women in the Netherlands experienced the same problem and decided to research this as a thesis subject. After researching the footwear market from both a consumer and professional point of view, it appeared that there was a demand for the feminine and highly fashionable footwear I find lacking in the Dutch market. The concept, sales and marketing plan for a footwear brand, that offers feminine and highly fashionable footwear in the Netherlands, is described in this book.
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