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Determinants of manufacturing exports in Tanzania   Mugisha Rweyemamu

Determinants of manufacturing exports in Tanzania

96 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A developed industrial sector is necessary and sufficient condition for any economy to develop. For most cases the industrial sector do diversify the economy as the primary sector is always agriculture. Even though agriculture could be the primary sector, the permanent economic growth and economic development has its roots in industrial sector. This is mainly because apart from its prices being relatively stable, the production can go throughout the year as it does not mostly depend on changes in weather condition as agricultural produce do. So whether we like or not the way forward towards permanent economic development is to develop the industrial sector. Efforts should be made by any means to make sure that non industrialized countries get into full swing of industrialization process as the way towards economic redemption. This has to go hand in hand with taking advantage of globalization to develop the efficient labor intensive technology for countries which are labor endowed...
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