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Factors of Accessibility to MFIs services in Kamuli District Uganda   David Wakaisuka and Wakaisuka Juliet

Factors of Accessibility to MFIs services in Kamuli District Uganda

60 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The study looked at the relationship between factors of accessibility and accessible financial services in Kamuli District-Uganda. Credit markets in Kamuli District were mainly characterised by the inability to satisfy the existing demand for credit. The study took on the cross-sectional survey research design and revealed that credit had a positive relationship with capital, attitude of the people, capacity and managerial skills. There was also a negative relationship that existed between credit with interest rates, repayment period and collateral security. Savings had a negative relationship with capacity and interest rates. The recommendations were: people should form up registered co-operative societies so that they can have a common voice as groups can easily access credit compared to individuals. The District Local Government in conjunction with the Micro Financial Institutions’ management should conduct seminars and workshops to sensitise the clients on how to prepare books of...
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