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Production and Potentiality of Oil Seeds in Andhra Pradesh   Narendra Kumar

Production and Potentiality of Oil Seeds in Andhra Pradesh

84 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Oilseeds have been known for centuries, their importance as a major source of both fats and proteins has been realized only during 19th century especially after the end of the World War II. No other farm commodity can really meet simultaneously in so large a measure the energy and protein requirements of human body as oil seeds do. Since oil seeds supply the major energy protein needs of the livestock population as well, they are the primary source of even such valuable animal fats and proteins as milk, meat and eggs. Apart from their use in human foods and animal feeds, oil seeds also have a wide variety of industrial applications. The use of vegetable oils in soaps, paints and varnishes and even in lubricating oils has been known for quite sometime. In recent years oil seeds are finding their way in such diverse industrial uses as fatty acids, glycerin, tannin and even chemicals, to mention a few. The industrial uses of oil seeds are actually increasing with new technological...
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