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Women Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship   Bhagavan Reddy,N. Hema Latha and P. Niranjan Reddy

Women Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship

280 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
This book presents an overview of policy, programme and empowerment of women through entrepreneurship. Empowerment of women, women entrepreneurs and empowerment of women through entrepreneurship are some of the issues that we come across frequently. The study based on both the primary and secondary sources of data. A sample of 306 women entrepreneurships spread over manufacturing, trade and service are purposely selected. The primary data is collected through a pre-tested questionnaire specially designed for this purpose by personal interview method. Appropriate tools are employed for analysis and interpretation of data. The study is organized into seven chapters. Suggestions were made which are useful to all those people who are actively involved at different stages of designing, planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating programmes of women empowerment through entrepreneurship.
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