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Toll Road Projects in India   Arcoprovo Mitra

Toll Road Projects in India

132 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The BOT procurement route in public projects gained a huge momentum in the last two decades, across the globe, due to scarcity of federal funds and growing public expectation for better infrastructure services. India too drafted a master plan to refurbish its massive network of highways and made BOT as the key mode of procurement. However, the available financial figures of the first phase BOT projects dismayed all the stakeholders. With several academic works constantly revealing various potential risks and their impacts on the financial viability, there is an urgent necessity to fathom the risk characteristics of these projects and evaluate their financial implication. The book aims to evaluate the risk potential of BOT projects in India and find out the pitfalls of Indian concession environment to enable framing of a de-risking arrangement. The financial impacts were found to be universal and shortcomings are multi-sourced; suggesting improvement and improvisation in all layers of...
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