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Dr. Weaver’s Guide to Completing a Graduate Comprehensive Exam   Dr. Jeffrey S. Weaver

Dr. Weaver’s Guide to Completing a Graduate Comprehensive Exam

80 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
When you make a decision to further your graduate education into an advanced graduate degree there are steps that must be completed prior to that accomplishment. One is the completion of your graduate and advanced graduate course work, another, for many universities, is a series of academic gatherings know as “colloquia” or in ordinary terms a residency, next you have to complete a comprehensive examination, and finally your dissertation. In this book, we will display and explore a few examples of a successfully passed comprehensive examination questions and responses. There will also be a guide in the last chapter of this book that will discuss the next step of after the completion of your comprehensive examination – your dissertation. There is also a list of useful books to assist you more.
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