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Child labour in the carpet industry of Kashmir   Aasif Nengroo,Bashir Ahmad Khan and Abdul Slam Bhat

Child labour in the carpet industry of Kashmir

132 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
India has the distinction of employing the large number of working children in the world. The problem of child labour not only persists but also perpetuates in the unorganized sector /industries in India. Therefore ILO and government of India have recognized this problem as a harsh reality. To them it is neither possible nor feasible to stop the menace altogethe under the existing socio-economic conditions. Millions of children across the country are missing the joys of child hood as poverty, hunger; deprivation and unemployment of their parents force them into adult roles. The book is the study of the lives of these little ones whose little hands and nimble fingers are constantly engaged in carpet weaving industry of Kashmir. To give comprehensive view about the problem of working children an effort has been made here to elicit opinion of parents and employers also. The book will be useful not only those who are interested in the study and understanding of child labour, but also may...
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