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Consumers Perceived Value and Satisfaction   Deepak Bhagat and B. K. Barooah

Consumers Perceived Value and Satisfaction

88 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Recent studies have proved that farmers are becoming knowledgeable and asking for better performance from product and companies. This books is an attempt to understand the farmers perceived value and satisfaction about various agrochemicals used in agriculture. This book is based on a field level study conducted in Jorhat (India) with the aim to assess the current image of the agrochemical companies, their products and competitors. This book also helps in knowing how the farmer’s form preferences among the brands in the choice set and also what is their perceived value about different pesticide brands. This study will helps the companies in knowing whether or not its products are able to meet the farmer’s expectation, because this affects both satisfaction and repurchase probability. The book is useful for the undergraduate and postgraduate students and researchers of agricultural economics, agricultural marketing, agribusiness and commerce. It is also useful for various companies...
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