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Work-family Conflict And Women’s Well-being: The Role Of Religiosity   Meguellati Achour

Work-family Conflict And Women’s Well-being: The Role Of Religiosity

160 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Work-family conflict has become a big matter of concern to individuals as well as organizations because of its negative consequences leading to reducing family satisfaction, job satisfaction and hence life satisfaction. Since work and family issues are strongly related to cultural beliefs, values and norms, the increasing participation of women in the workplace has created increasing pressure for diversity management and work-life balance strategies. Also the number of employees responsible for taking care of family members will continue to increase. Recently, there has been big concern about the role of religious coping aspects in health care. The importance of religious coping in helping people with this challenging disease should be given proper awareness and attention especially in the Malaysian context; because there is limited research on this variable to date. This book will provide Muslim women with some strategies to help them to manage the conflicting demands and family...
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