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Financial management in the 21st century   Martina Cernikova

Financial management in the 21st century

92 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Sustainable development comprises new tasks for business managers. They should introduce a stronger relationship between business and environmental protection taking into account the interests of other stakeholders. Environmental aspects may affect all the areas of financial administration of the firm. The main aim of this book is to make an analysis of the instruments through which the top management of the firm is able to combine a successful financial management with the protection of the social and living environment. The introductory part discusses environmental projects. Environmental project have their own characteristics and their evaluation should be complex. The book also focuses on accounting modules. Managerial and financial accounting can be adapted so they can also reflect information about the impact and connections of the firm towards the environment. This information can be further used in order to make analyses and create plans in the area of the environmental...
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