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Immigrant Entrepreneurship:Discovery and Exploitation of Opportunities   Rocio Aliaga-Isla,Alex Rialp and Howard Lin

Immigrant Entrepreneurship:Discovery and Exploitation of Opportunities

252 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
In the last decades, the immigrants’ rate has grown exponentially in Spain. The labor force of immigrant people is leveraged by developed countries. Immigrants participate in the labor market in different ways for example such as employees, self-employees and/or as entrepreneurs. The most important factors that influence the immigrant's decision to engage in any kind of jobs usually are their human capital. Thereby, how does the human capital influence the discovery of entrepreneurial opportunities and then the exploitations of these opportunities? The authors explore this question by formulating several research questions on immigrant entrepreneurship focusing in the case of Spain. First, a literature review is conducted to know in deep about the topic. Then, there are three empirical chapters using qualitative and quantitative research approach to analyze factors that influence the perception and exploitations of entrepreneurial opportunities. Therefore, this book leaves you to a...
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