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The Efficiency of European Programs on Highly Qualified Human Resource   Madlena Nen

The Efficiency of European Programs on Highly Qualified Human Resource

120 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The continuing transition within the division of labor, the coordination with the community initiatives in the field of education, the impact at individual and institutional level, the need to develop the processes for assessing the work force, the international mobility of young people in general and that of student in particular, all these determined me to capture some aspects of this theme in my work. Therefore, we consider it appropriate to study the effectiveness of the community programs upon forming the human resources highly qualified. In the last period, there has been a growing desire of young graduates of higher education to study abroad and, after this period of mobility, the desire to enter the labor market in other European countries.The most extensive measures of facilitating international mobility of labor have been taken in the context of the European integration. Thus, a series of directives and regulations of the European Council ensure all EU citizens access to...
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