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Minimizing of Scour Downstream Hydraulic Structures   Ahmed Abouelfetouh Abdelaziz Mohamed Younes

Minimizing of Scour Downstream Hydraulic Structures

156 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Scour was the removal of material from the bed and banks of a channel by the action of water ,structures built in channels were exposed to scour.The factors of safety of the these structures against undermining and piping could be decreased as a result of the scour downstream of them So, considerable sums of money could be expended to repair the damage caused by the local scour.The study of this phenomenon constituted an important field of research due to its frequent occurrence in engineering application. The objective of this research was to investigate the influence of using openings in weirs on scour hole parameters downstream of these structures as most of the past studies concentrated on discharge coefficient of combined flow, little information available on scour downstream of this flow. It was found that, most suggested opening arrangements reduced the maximum scour depth and length and tended to move position of the maximum scour depth closer to the floor and this might be...
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