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Service Quality of Muslim Aid UK-Bangladesh Field Office   Afroza Bulbul and Obaidur Rahman

Service Quality of Muslim Aid UK-Bangladesh Field Office

184 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is basically the publication of a research work conducted on Muslim Aid UK - Bangladesh Field Office. Here the authors tried to evaluate the service quality of this NGO in terms of poverty alleviation. The focused groups of stackholders are NGO policy makers, policy makers of any government whose main concern are about rural development and disaster management and social worker groups or organizations in general; and the management body and policy makers of Muslim Aid UK in particular. The findings and recommendations may help them to take right decisions to serve the community in some better ways. Basically, the thirld world countries may be benefited by utilyzing the interest free micro-financing programs and natural clamity affected community can be served by practicing the disaster management technique of Muslim Aid UK. This reseach may also be helpful for academicians who teach NGO Management and who do research on NGOs. The Ph.D students may get help from this work to...
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