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ERP implementation and its consequences   Himanshu Barot,Sunil Patel and Keyur Darji

ERP implementation and its consequences

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The corporate competitive environment is being liberalized and globalized; therefore product life cycle is shortening. Markets are undertaking globalization and because of rapid changes in recent years, companies need to act more responsively to the market and customer demand as well as strengthen information exchange and communication systems in order to survive the highly competitive and speed-oriented industrial environment. In such a global competition era, ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) has become the focus of corporate operation and management. The pricey ERP system does not only tackle information technology (IT) issues but also attempt to solve problems related to human resource, enterprise culture, and organizational restructuring and so on. ERP serves many industries and numerous functional areas in an integrated fashion, attempting to automate operations from supply chain management(SCM), inventory control, manufacturing scheduling and production, sales support,...
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