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American Restaurant Chains Failures in Argentina   Leandro Maraquia

American Restaurant Chains Failures in Argentina

104 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book aimed to analyze the cases of Wendy’s International and Pizza Hut’s expanding operations in the Argentine market toward the goals of having a deeper understanding of why most American restaurant chains and fast-food restaurants failed in the past, and to capture the lessons of managing global businesses. Both Wendy’s and Pizza Hut used standardized products and services in a market that required local and specific customization. Thus, the commercialization of non-customized products and services generated a cultural shock that had a negative impact on the new-product adoption. Argentina -the country with the highest beef consumption in the world- is surprising with the fact that only McDonalds and Burger King were the only successful foreign restaurant chains. And even pizza is known as the second favorite dish, none of foreign pizza franchise was successful yet.
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