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Model options for old-age mandatory annuities   Jozsef Banyar

Model options for old-age mandatory annuities

268 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
With great probability the now marginal life annuities becomes an important product in some region of the World within a decade. The reason for the change among many other factors is primarily found in the actual demographic trends and the funding reform of Social Security in the past one-two decades. In the course of these reforms, mandatory individual pension account was introduced, which must be converted into life annuities after a certain period of time. Considering the importance and the complexity of the mandatory life annuities, it is a bit strange, that one can hardly find literature dealing with the subject. Take into consideration some of the existing regulations on these products, the decision makers would really need a guideline about what is possible and what isn’t and how it should establish a coherent regulation. This book intends to help designing a non-contradictory, comprehensive framework and wants be an overall monograph of the topic.
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