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Factors Influencing the development of social enterprises in Kenya   Carlo Chege and Roselyn Gakure

Factors Influencing the development of social enterprises in Kenya

72 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This research sought to find out what are the key factors that influence the growth of the sector. Among the key factors found to influence the sector are access to finance, appropriate business development services, enabling legal and regulatory framework, competent manpower that is able to combine social and entrepreneurship strategies and a network that brings the players together. When this factors are present, social enterprises are able to create jobs, open up new markets, serve the marginalized and poor and contribute to significantly to poverty eradication. The research results provide a basis upon which changes can made to enable the sector. The future for the sector is bright. This book is helpful to researchers, policy analysts, government agencies seeking innovative ways to fight poverty, donor organizations and even the private sector. It also provides adequate background information for further research in various areas relating to social enterprises.
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