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Entrepreneurship Cases   Thomas M. Cooney

Entrepreneurship Cases

140 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book contains 10 cases in entrepreneurship that are drawn from 5 countries. Daft.ie is an internet company started by two brothers who have reached the stage of second phase growth. De Boerinn Activity Centre is a family farm that is diversifying. Digicel is primarily concerned with corporate social responsibility. Echinades is exploring opportunities for fish-based tourism. EcoServe has a new Managing Director who needs to develop a positioning strategy. General Records is about two friends who identify an opportunity to start a record company. Guardian Angel is a Business Plan prepared by three female graduates who developed the idea as part of their studies. Heylen is a small enterprise that provides ecological management services to protected areas. South Hill Enterprise is a business in which each member of staff (excluding Supervisors and Managers) has some form of intellectual disability. Supreme Seafoods is a fish processing firm that is struggling to...
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