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Foreign Aid Management in LDC'S   Jackson Tuhirirwe

Foreign Aid Management in LDC'S

60 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In an attempt to reduce poverty and improve the living standards of Ugandans, the donor agencies and the Uganda government have supported some projects and these include among others, Agriculture, infrastructure development and private sector management. It is however not pleasing that despite all the huge amounts of money the country receives to be injected in various projects, no significant impact has been put on the ground to show the worthiness of these big sums of money and for along time. It is now a day-to-day business in Uganda for people managing big donor supported projects mismanaging millions and billions. Over the radios, news papers, televisions we have often heard loss of these millions and yet at the end of it all this makes our Uganda lag behind development and most especially in Agriculture, infrastructure, health sectors. This book brings out facts on these issues and so much more
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