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Pure Plastic: New Materials for Today's Architecture   Chris van Uffelen

Pure Plastic: New Materials for Today's Architecture

256 страниц. 2008 год.
Verlagshaus Braun
In the last hundred years plastics have carved out a significant place for themselves in our culture. This proliferation of the easily processed material is certainly due to its ability to assume practically any form and fulfill a wide range of function. Plastic stands for stability, flexibility and long life. New developments and discoveries constantly push new applications, thereby challenging architects and designers to ever more bold, creative experiments using this modern material. Pure Plastic explores the new trend in contemporary architecture by introducing 64 international projects. Countless photos and plans help present projects like museum buildings (Kunsthaus Graz by Spacelab), extravagant art installations (Front end D tower by NOX), and sportstemples like the Barcelonafootball stadium (Foster + Partners). Формат: 24 см x 24 см.
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