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The Supply of General Practitioners in Australia   Abhaya Kamalakanthan

The Supply of General Practitioners in Australia

312 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Supply of General Practitioners in Australia.Currently in Australia, the topic on the supply of general practitioners (GPs) is controversial. This book is based on the premise that there is a supply shortage of doctors in many parts of Australia, and in particular, that there is a shortage of GPs in the rural areas.The aim of this book is to investigate the various explanatory factors, such as financial and non-financial incentives, affecting the supply of GPs, who are responsible for delivering primary healthcare in Australia. The results of the analysis suggest that there are a number of non-financial incentives, work hours, and regulation issues which are of particular relevance to policy makers. It is hoped that the findings drawn from this research will help to address an important policy problem and enhance general public awareness about the factors in developed countries such as Australia, that are the key determinants of the supply of GPs, thus informing future policy...
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