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Demand for Health & Health Care:Urban vs Rural Households-a comparison   Aleykutty Robert

Demand for Health & Health Care:Urban vs Rural Households-a comparison

240 страниц. 2015 год.
Scholars' Press
“A Comparative Study Of Demand......in Tamil Nadu” focuses on the determinants of Health and Health care and the Choice of Health Services among the households from both rural and urban areas of Tamil Nadu. The book,by nature,gives a thorough explanation,on how,the health of the households can be measured using Perceived health status,Self- reported health status and Anthropometric Measures among adult and child populations.Grossmans’ Model of Demand for Health,forms the base of Theoretical frame work. An extensive review of both theoretical and empirical research is done as part of justification for the empirical findings. Since the study is based on a comparative nature,rural and urban concepts are clearly demarcated.Thiruvallur district and Chennai Metropolitan area, belonging to the state of Tamil Nadu are selected as sample study areas for rural and urban sectors respectively. Econometric tools and techniques are employed for the successful conduct of the empirical analysis and...
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