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Challenges and Prospects of E-Government   Tewodros Wordofa

Challenges and Prospects of E-Government

112 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Due to the invention of internet technology, the world becomes a village. As a result, the public access to information increases rapidly and hears each activity that has been done in the world. People living in developing world comparing their public administration system with developed nations. Therefore, the public service delivery system in developing nations has failed to meet the rapidly changing requirements of the people. It is so because it tended to be rigid, laid too much emphasis on red tapism; sap creativity; thwarted initiative; wore out dynamism and denial of justice as of resultant delays. As a result, now a day‘s most developing and developed countries have been devoting their effort to tackle down the problem of traditional public service delivery. The adoption of e-government system has become a common element in public administration modernization program. More and more governments around the world are introducing electronic government as a means of improve service...
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