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The Book of Kells   Ben Mackworth-Praed

The Book of Kells

120x165 64 страниц. 2008 год.
Ebury Press
"The Book of Kells" is the richest and most copiously illustrated book in the Celto-Saxon style that still survives. However, despite its rarity and fame, there is little that is known about it. Reproducing over sixty of the wonderful images from the book itself, this guide describes the hidden meanings behind the illustrations and opens our eyes to the history behind them. Picking out the most interesting, beautiful and unique images from the 339 vellum leaves that comprise the book as a whole, it gives an illuminating insight into the manuscript and its creation. Published to coincide with St Patrick's Day, this book will appeal to everyone from the hundreds of thousands of people visiting the "Book of Kells" every year, to those interested in history, art or ancient artefacts and anyone with a passion for beautiful objects.
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