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The Setting Up of Pig Feeding Grain Foraging Line   Ionica Oncioiu

The Setting Up of Pig Feeding Grain Foraging Line

80 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Training and developing knowledge in project management is a goal that increases currently.The book starts with the presentation of the relevant information regarding the analyzed company (structure, history, philosophy, main products and services extract of key figures), as well the macroeconomic environment of the company, including benchmarking results and strategic positioning.The presentation of the analyzed company is further completed with financial information regarding its activity, i.e. the main indicators and ratios of the profit and loss account, balance sheet, personnel, cash / flow and equity calculation with compared values for the past reporting periods.This thesis is intended as a tool to address practitioners will deepen the writing and project implementation issues. Therefore, in preparing this book, the author strove to provide information useful to those interested in particular to penetrate and understand the secrets of a successful project.
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