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Comparative analysis on role players of health and safety regulations   Clifford Kendrick Hlatywayo and Mthokozisi Mpofu

Comparative analysis on role players of health and safety regulations

164 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Sound health and safety regulations can be beneficial to an organization. In order for organizations to meet their goals and staff to perform to the best of their abilities there is need for a conducive environment that fosters employee health and safety wellness. On the hierarchy of needs Maslow is of the opinion that safety needs are the second most important needs. Health and safety regulations impose the general duty to the employers to provide a reasonably safe and healthy working environment, to provide protective equipment and such information, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure health and safety, and to report to an inspector any incident in which a person dies or is injured or when a dangerous situation arises. Many workers have an intuitive feeling that work in South African factories and mines are dangerous. For a union wanting to take action over hazardous work, accident statistics can be very useful to help focus campaigns on the most dangerous...
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