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Analayzing challenges of urban land management & WTP of developers   Wondwossen Jima

Analayzing challenges of urban land management & WTP of developers

164 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Land is a critical factor in urban development and is a basic natural resource, which today, has reached a stage of scarcity in urban areas as a result of rapid urbanization process. This situation calls for an economical and efficient utilization of this resource, which makes systematic planning and management of land very important..The study by looking at the causes, implications, impacts and response options of the challenges of land management and administration and identification of determinants WTP of developers for land would make significant for both academicians and practitioners. Its Practical significance includes input among other things to land managers, administrators and policy makers so as to use it in policy formulation, reformulation regarding land management and development of the study area. It is also hoped also that the finding of this study would help as a benchmark and source of information through providing important insight for academic researchers who want...
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