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Field Dependent / Independent Cognitive Styles Regarding Translation   Mehrnoush Norouzi

Field Dependent / Independent Cognitive Styles Regarding Translation

180 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
If someone asks me how I translate, I am hard put to find an answer. I can describe the physical process: I make a very rapid first draft, put it aside for a while, then go over it at a painfully slow pace, pencil and eraser in hand. But that is all outside. Inside the job is infinitely complex (Weaver 1989:119,quoted in Bell,1991:320). Regarding unknown complex activity takes place in translator`s mind, the author tries to find a missing puzzle piece in this book. To fulfill the purpose, the book deals with literary translation as the most challenging text to translate from Cognitive Translation, Translation Competence and Multidisciplinary Studies perspectives. This research-based book investigates the difference between field dependent and field independent cognitive styles regarding translation of a specific literary text by Virginia Woolf and provides the reader with comprehensive review of the related interdisciplinary literature, research method, findings and suggested...
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