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Likeability on Facebook   Robbin Extra

Likeability on Facebook

108 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book seeks to develop a better understanding on how managers should manage their brand’s wall posts on Facebook in order to maximize the effectiveness in terms of number of likes and comments. The research purpose of this study was exploratory; the aim was to find out “what is happening” and to “seek new insights”. As a starting point, a literature study on the changing media environment and the impact of mood on behavior is carried out. Via a deductive approach the research questions of the study are linked to the hypotheses that are drawn based on the literature study. There is collected both primary and secondary data in order to be able to test these hypotheses. The findings of the study have revealed that there indeed are certain wall post characteristics that seem to influence the effectiveness of the message. The principal conclusion is that there are some message characteristics that increase the effectiveness of a message, but that there also are some characteristics...
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