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Securitization of Real Estate Receivables in Brazil   Erika Tabacniks

Securitization of Real Estate Receivables in Brazil

64 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Real estate lending has reached unprecedented levels in Brazil, in part due to the country’s stability-oriented economic policies adopted over the past decade. Mortgages are growing at a faster pace than savings accounts, their main funding source, which many believe will prompt banks to start packaging more home loans to make room on their balance sheets for other assets. For securitization to efficiently finance the real estate market, three factors must be present: a favorable macroeconomic environment; a comprehensive and effective legal and regulatory framework; and a broad market with investor appetite for different types of investments. This book provides a detailed analysis of the historical factors and macroeconomic conditions that led to this relatively new and exciting economic environment and shows that the high interest rates that have haunted the economy for decades, combined with other technical and structural hurdles, jeopardize the future of securitization...
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