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Indonesia and Australia Relations   Wahdi Yudhi

Indonesia and Australia Relations

208 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Relations between Indonesia and Australia have always been characterised by opportunities and challenges. The two nations are not only culturally different, but their political orientations, developmental stages and needs are also in sharp contrast. These differences have inevitably caused difficulties and will continue to colour the bilateral relations between the two neighboring countries in the future. This book addresses cross-cultural differences, with a particular focus on negotiations. The research uses Hofstede theory which analyse the cultural differences among nations, to identify the differences between Indonesian and Australian cultures. It then examines how the observed differences in their negotiation styles follow these cultural differences. While the two nations differ culturally, these differences are continually narrowing. Therefore, a negotiator must not only be aware of the cultural differences between Indonesia and Australia, they must also be aware of the...
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