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National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme   Duggani Subramanyam

National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme

304 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Impact Of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme On Income And Employment Of Rural Households : A Case Study In Chittoor District Of Andhra Pradesh In Indian rural scenario, the problem of poverty and unemployment have always been and still continued to attract the attention of our policy makers. The pace of development among different states of the country and within the state among different districts has not been uniform, because there are not only regional differences, but also the divide appears to be ever widening. There are still districts which are lacking basic infrastructure facilities and employment opportunities. These districts, reports of starvation deaths from time to time and massive migration of labour. It is therefore quite imperative that such of the districts should be identified and sincere attempts have been made to bring them out on par with other developed districts. Several strategies have tried to find out a workable solution for achieving the phased...
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